Get Back Lost Love

The Get Back Lost Love Taskheer Mashooq is a pioneer and most demanded wazifa for the hub. This is the very first and authentic love wazifa. 

This is for those who have an intention to marry their love. However, the lover has ditched, left or betrayed due to whatever circumstances he/she has been through. Thousands of Muslims have got benefits through this amazing wazifa.

On the day and any suitable time when you start this wazifa, you can go ahead. Pyar Mein Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa has benefited a number of people, Alhamdulillah, they got happily married, Mashallah. So never-ever doubt have faith in Allah Ta’ala and pray a lot. Insha ALLAH you also will get your life partner with your choice. Better perform a ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara first, or any other Istikhara, once it comes positive you can go ahead with this wazifa.

  1. Make a fresh ablution;
  2. Make (7) wraps/packets of pure white sugar with pure and cleansed white paper;
  3. Recite The Noble Quran, Surah #105 ‘Alam tara kaifa in this way- Alam Tará Kayfa bastam khawah o khoor ‘his/her name(For whom you are doing this wazifa)’ son of/daughter of ‘mother’s name’ Fa`ala Rabbuka Bi’aşĥābi Al-Fīl ‘Alam Yaj`al Kaydahubastam khawah o khoor ‘his/her name(For whom you are doing this wazifa)’ son of/daughter of ‘mother’s name’ Fī Tađlīlin Wa ‘Arsala `Alayhim Ţayan ‘Abābīla Tarmīhim Biĥijāratin Min Sijjīlin Faja`alahum Ka`aşfin Ma’kūlin bastam khawah o khoor ‘lover’s name son of/daughter of ‘mother’s name’ ‘Ala hub ‘your own name’ son of/daughter of ‘your mother’s name’. This entirely counts as one (1) time. Recite ‘Bin’ for boy and ‘binte’ for girl. For example- If you are reciting for a boy then ‘bastam khawah o khoor Muzaffar bin Mariyam’ if for a girl then bastam khawah o khoor Amina binte Nafeesa’. If you don’t known mother’s name in this case you can recite “Hawwa“;
  4. Recite your lovers’ name and his/her mother’s name each time after all the three Khawah-o-Khoor;
  5. After ‘ala hub recite your name bin/binte your mother’s name;
  6. Perform in this way 41 times and blow on one wrap/packet of sugar;
  7. After putting one wrap/packet on to the place where ants or any similar insects can eat this sugar;
  8. Perform this wazifa continuously for 7 days. 7 wraps/packets will be for 7 days;
  9. Insha AllahTa’ala the lover will come in front of you;
  10. After that you can proceed forward for your nikah;
  11. Do not perform this wazifa for any girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, as this is haram in Islam;

Important Note: Female must not perform this during 7 days of their menses/periods. Wives can perform this amal to get the love of their husband, in this case, they are not required to perform  Istikhara or any other Istikhara.