How to Remove Kala Jadu in Islam?

Once you are confirmed with this wazifa that someone affected with black magic you can go ahead with this, Be stick to the wazaif mentioned above for the marriage of your elder sis with firm belief. If there is no ‘Aalim near where you live then you can try through Alim online or in your local area for your problem.

The procedure of Performing the Amal to Remove Black Magic (English)

Recite the 68 & 69 Ayaat of Suraah Taa’ha (Siparah #16). One can recite them 100 times (Durood Sharif before & after 3 times at least).

  1. If he/she is having the doubt that someone has done magic on him/her.
  2. He/she have the feeling or symptoms because of the bad effects of magic.

If you think you are having symptoms then one can do it for consecutive 11 days and blow it onto oneself. But remember not to do any other wazifa during this duration of 11 days.

Everything is in the hands of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala so please do not doubt on Wazaif. Do your duty that is to recite Wazaif with full belief, do sabr and let everything on ALLAH Azzawajal. Do good from your side and let the rest of on ALLAH Azzawajal as it is His duty to provide his slaves with the best on the best time that He (Azzawajal) has already destined. Even if they are doing magic on you people then surely it is also a test from ALLAH Azzawajal for a limited time duration.

Please Note: For magic protection, no one can recite them during nijasat as they are from Quraan Paak and one should have to do them only for 11 consecutive days.

Amal Karne Ka Tariqa 

  1. Wuzu ki halat mein;
  2. Sabse awwal 3 martaba Durood Sharif parhiye;
  3. Suraah Taa’ha (Siparah #16) ki Ayat #68 ta 69. Mareez ya koi bhi unki taraf se ye dono ayaat 100 martaba parh sakte hai;
  4. Sabse awwal 3 martaba Durood Sharif parhiye;
  5. Parh kar khud par dum kar le;
  6. 11 roz iski miyad hai lekin ap ise 11 roz aur aage bada sakte hai agar farq na mehsoos ho to.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen ye amal haiz/maahwari ke dauran nahi karein. Aur is amal ke dauran koi bhi dusra wazifa nahi kare.