Astrology and vashikaran are two of the most effective measures for getting rid of enemies, overcoming them, or turning them into friends. Peerzada Rehman Shah is well-versed in both these subjects/measures and has helped myriads of people through the use of these in Pakistan and country worldwide, for more than two decades. But, this web-article gives information only about his astrology-based solutions for tackling enemies. The enemy problem solutions of our globally renowned astrologer have achieved high and huge admirations in nations allacross the globe.

Actually, it is quite beneficial and securing to use anyone or both these effective measures for controlling enemies of winning them forever. These are enemies who disturb us in various possible ways to keep us down, frustrated in life, or suffer ing diverse troubles/problems from time to time. These enemies could be in forms of jealous neighbors or friends, professional adversaries, wrongful business competitors, wicked people defeated by you sometimes in past, or greedy and immoral people who get adversely affected by your qualities and good deeds. Again, the astrological solutions of our one of the most renowned and leading astrologers of the world are highly efficacious in the shortest possible time, generously charged, harmless to the recipient, totally confidential, and effective for the whole lifetime. The lower section describes separately how Peerzada Rehman Shah resolves enemy problems immediately by astrology, to help right and innocent people confronted with/suffering from depraved enemies.

How Peerzada Rehman Shah Resolves Enemy Problems Immediately by Astrology

The sixth house of the birth horoscope of a person is also related with his/her enemies possible in life. Other houses of the natal chart offering information about enemies and adversaries are the third house and eleventh house. Hence, comprehensive and expert analysis of the conditions of these houses and the planets affecting these houses forms the main basis for generating astrological solutions to matters related with enemies of a person. In general, the following things are checked, examined, and analyzed by our astrologer Peerzada Rehman Shah for a creatinga sovereign solution for controlling or tackling enemies:

+ The zodiac signs of the houses of 6th,3rd, and 11th of the natal chart of the concerned person (recipient of our service)

+ Presence of specific malefic or benefic planets in these houses

+ Locations of the lords of these houses in the natal chart

+ Effects of the benefic planets onthese houses, and also onthe lords of these houses

+ Influences of the malefic planets on these houses, and on the lords of these houses

+ Associations or interactions of the lords of these houses withthe lords of allother houses of the birth chart

+ Presence of any imperfections/doshas or destructive yogas, which could create enemies

+ And, various other astrological elements and factors related with enemies and adversaries.