Visa Problem Solution In Islam

Just start performing the wazifa for visa problems in Islam. Please, please, please!! do not doubt any of the wazifa at any point in time while you are performing it. Doubting this is like doubting ALLAH Ta’ala. So never lose your faith. Otherwise, you will lose.

Thousands and even crores of Muslim brothers and sisters have a dream to get a job visa in abroad. Somewhere in U.K., US, Canada Australia or any other developed country. As the employees are being paid high remuneration.

A lot of boys and girls require the visa to marry their love residing in the different nation. For such dream, many-a-times people face issues of getting visa approval. In case, if the visa for job, family or marriage has been denied. One can practice this Islamic prayer to get the approval of the same.

Besides these, there are so many issues one can encounter. The immigration process is not so easy after all. To flee abroad get your visa approval through this wazifa. The relevant country’s embassy will definitely issue it to you. It will be approved as soon as possible, Insha ALLAH, Ameen.

Therefore, This is an awesome news for you, for your wife, for your entire family, Alhamdulillah. You will now get your visa immediately for whatever kind of emergency need(s). Do not panic, have patience, Insha ALLAH your visa will be shown the green flag. Just start performing the ya ALLAH wazifa for quick visa or visa appeal approval.

Here is the Surah from Quran-e-Kareem, and how to perform this wazifa

Wazifa For Visa Problem

This wazifa is much strong and purpose oriented, hits the target which can also be performed for appeal against the denial of the visa for family, for a job or to gets married. A wife can also practice this prayer (dua) on behalf of her husband. If she wants him to get a permanent visa for an interview or for his good job abroad.

If you have any issues/problems to get immigration visa in Islam or any other problems related to immigration visa. You can perform the below-mentioned wazifa:

  1. Must read Bismillah Shareef and Durood Shareef once at the start of every wazifa no matter it is mentioned or not there.
  2. After every 5 obligatory prayers/salaat, recite 7 times Surah Al Quraish Sharif.
  3. Make a dua to ALLAH Azzawajal for your visa problem. Insha Allah, this will be resolved soon.

Important Note: Females must not perform this wazifa during the 7 days of their menses.